New Police Sergeant Appointed To Islands

A new Sergeant has been appointed to replace Charlie Craig who is leaving the islands one year early because a relative is unwell on the mainland.

His replacement is Sergeant Colin Taylor. He’s been a Detective Sergeant working in Exeter for 11 years.

Colin already knows the islands – he served here as a PC during the Total Eclipse, Millennium Eve and Prince Charles’ visit between 1998 and 2000.

He worked alongside Sergeants Des Bird and Ivan Trethewey, and PC Matt Johnson at the time when there was just a Sergeant and a PC on the islands, with an extra PC in the summer.

Colin says he is attracted to the role because it is the most challenging senior role in the Constabulary. That’s due to the isolation from mainland resources and the enhanced necessity to work closely with the community

Colin is married with children aged 7 and 9. He will take up the islands’ senior police job in early to mid September.