Scilly Bee Could Be Extinct

The Scilly bee

The Scilly bee may have gone the way of the dodo and be extinct.

That’s the fear of the IOS Wildlife Trust after another expert has failed to find any of them.

On Saturday, entomologist and curator at the Tunbridge Wells Museum, Ian Beavis, led a hunt on St Agnes where Scilly bees have most frequently been viewed, but they didn’t sight any of the insects.

There’ll be another campaign to encourage people to search for the rare insects next summer.

Julie Love from the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust says they’ll be running the search again next year but if they don’t see one for five years running then they’ll have to seriously consider the possibility that the bee has died out.

She says it was never really very common, but normally you could spot one or two in a day.

Julie Love from the WIldlife Trust

Julie says the Scilly bee looks like a flying conker or fluffy teddy bear and is often confused with a miner bee, which, she says, does not have ‘a furry bottom.’

But Julie is still hoping to see one during the Wildlife Trust’s regular summer bee spotting events.

This week the Trust is also launching a series of Rockpool Rambles to mark National Marine Week. The first will be today at 1pm at Porthloo.

On Wednesday, a day-long session at the Garden Pavilion begins at 10am with ‘Fishy Fun’ games for the kids. The day includes a presentation from wildlife expert Richard Bufton at 3pm, where he’ll discuss the future of the Atlantic Marine environment. There’ll also be a boat trip around the Western Rocks with wildlife expert Jaclyn Pearson.