Lifeboat Called To Holed Penzance Yacht

St Mary's lifeboat 'The Whiteheads'

The St Mary’s lifeboat was launched yesterday lunchtime to assist a Penzance-based yacht that was taking on a lot of water.

The lifeboat was launched just before midday following a call from The Octopus which had sustained a 2 foot hole on rocks off Watermill.

At first it was thought that nobody was on board and that would mean it wasn’t an RNLI callout, but further information revealed that four were in fact on board.

They weren’t the owners – it’s thought they were onboard to try and gain control.

Some of the crew attended in The Whiteheads, going the long, anticlockwise way around St Mary’s because it was low water and hard to cross the bar.

The Y-boat was sent around the shorter distance and the lifeboatmen got a pump on board the stricken yacht, which was then towed into St Mary’s.