Islands’ Visitor Publishes New Souvenir Book

A man who has holidayed in Scilly since 1966 is launching what he feels is a different sort of Scilly souvenir book.

Charles Hainsworth has self published his book, called Scilly – Memories of Summer, which he describes as a collection of stories, thoughts, sketches and photographs collected during his family holidays.

He’s overseen the whole process of turning his home-made book into a glossy coffee table production – he learned layout skills, sourced a printer in Hong Kong and arranged for them to print, bind and deliver it.

Charles first started visiting the islands in 1996 and has collected a large amount of material during his trips here with his family. He thinks the book fills a new niche, covering his own personal responses and emotions to the islands, which he feels other visitors may relate to.

And he says he feels there’s another work in him, one that’s more focussed on islands’ history.