Good Turnout For PASAB Sailing Race

PASAB boats in the harbour on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Robin Mawer

Penzance Sailing Club members are pleased with the 28 boat turnout for their PASAB race this year.

A record 14 visiting boats came from around the Southwest, including entrants from Plymouth and Bristol, and 106 sailors spent the weekend on the isles.

The Club’s Mike Winniberg told us it was another challenging race around the isles. The fleet set off in poor, although acceptable visibility, with a good wind for the starboard-hand race around all the islands.

However, during the leg from Penzance, the wind dropped and went more westerly, which, combined with the strong tide, placed the slower boats at a big disadvantage and many boats couldn’t make any headway towards the finish line. Out of the 26 starters, only15 finished within their allotted time limit.

The final positions for the various classes are worked out on a combination of factors including class of boat and type of handicapping system, but the finisher’s positions for this year were, in order first to last:

Backlash II (winner of the Venus trophy)




Laid-back (the first Penzance boat)