Scilly Weighting For Chief Officers Still Under Review, Says Council Chair

Council Chamber at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

A controversial decision to offer selected Council staff a discretionary bonus is still set to be reviewed.

Last year there was widespread debate and some anger about a pay hike for senior Council staff.

That rise, and the additional Market Factor Supplement (MFS) or Scilly weighting, meant some senior officers effectively had pay rises of up to 18%.

A pay panel was set up by Members at the Council meeting last autumn following a petition started by Mike Brown and signed by 400 islanders against the pay rises for Chief Officers.

The panel was charged with checking out the legitimacy of the rise and had its first meeting in November.

The panel reported its findings to Council at the beginning of March – it accepted that part of the rise was valid but argued that the £4500 MFS paid to Chief Officers was not and called for its removal.

However, Cornwall Council’s legal department raised issues at the March Council meeting about whether or not the MFS could be lawfully removed.

Council Chair, Mike Hicks, says pay issue is 'not dead'

So the MFS has continued to be paid while the panel waited for this legal advice to be put on paper. That advice eventually came through a fortnight ago, more than four months after the original request.

Chair of Council, Mike Hicks told us that a meeting of the panel to discuss the advice was due to take place this Tuesday but due to fog, the expert could not come over.

However, Mike says he is still keen to get this matter resolved before the September Council meeting and reassured council tax payers that the issue ‘is not dead and is still being looked at seriously’.