Longstone Centre Up For Sale

Longstone Heritage Centre and Cafe

Another business is up for sale on St Mary’s.

Mick and Sonia Scott have put the Longstone Heritage Centre and Cafe on the market.

The business failed to open at the usual time this year because of a significant water leak problem.

In May, Sonia told us that they couldn’t get a builder to deal with it because everybody was so busy. July was their deadline for opening for the season.

Now, having had a taste of some free time over the summer and with couple holding down full-time jobs elsewhere, they’ve decided to throw in the towel.

Previously, the Duchy of Cornwall was not prepared to split up parcels of land but Sonia says recent discussions with the new Land Steward, Chris Gregory, have been positive and they can keep their home and the nature reserve that attracts rare moths and butterflies that Mick has developed.

The business is on the market for £195,000 with a 44 years of the lease remaining.

Planning permission was previously granted for temporary accommodation units to house the new school builders but a condition was placed that required their removal six months after the buildering job finished.

We understand that it would have cost over £200,000 to get the units over and put them up for the short period.

Sonia says there’s also permission, that was never used, to create a dormitory building and 19 person backpackers-style accommodation there.