Ideas To Improve Wedding Ceremonies Discussed By Council

Porthcressa Shelter, used for marriages and civil partnerships

A Council officer has come up with an idea that could make money for the authority and provide a special souvenir for visitors.

Sarah Handy is Superintendent Registrar and looks after births, marriages and civil ceremonies. She’s offering commemorative certificates that will be issued to celebrate a new birth, a special birthday or anniversary.

The event needs to have happened on the islands and the souvenir, including a photo, will be issued for £10.

Sarah is also proposing a lower increase this year in the cost of civil partnership and marriage fees to avoid discouraging people from coming to the islands in the tough economic climate.

Fred Ticehurst took issue with the commercial-style pricing at the recent committee meeting. A wedding on St Mary’s on a Sunday or a bank holiday is charged at £499. Fred would much rather the figure was rounded up to £500, telling members that if he couldn’t afford £20 he wouldn’t buy an item at £19.99.

However, Ian McCulloch said they had discussed this matter and it was psychology – it appeared cheaper.

Julia Day, as a retailer, told the meeting that it does work.

Sarah’s second plan is to offer naming ceremonies for children of couples who have just got married, straight after the wedding or civil partnership, at half price. The thinking is that, as friends and family will already be here, they’ll be more ready to attend a naming ceremony as well.

Dudley Mumford said it was a good report.