Government To Introduce Coastal Communities Fund

Scilly MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s Member of Parliament says he is going to write to local charities, social enterprises and organisations that he feels could benefit from a new government grant scheme.

The Treasury has set up the Coastal Communities Fund that will cover the whole of the country and provide cash for economic development, environmental schemes and health programs.

As part of the new programme, the government wants to use half of the money generated from the Crown Estate marine activities, a large part of which comes from off-shore wind turbines.

Funds could be distributed by the National Lottery organisers.

Based on last year’s figures there would be around £24m for the entire UK so it’s not a massive amount of cash. No official communication of more detailed plans has been sent to our Council Economic Development team as yet.

Andrew George says local projects deserve support and he is keen to make sure that our economy benefits from the opportunity.