French Sailors Create Headache For Police

The Mermaid Pub

What do you do with thirty drunken sailors?

That’s the question that faced Scilly’s police chief, Charlie Craig, on Wednesday night.

Thirty crew from the French vessel, Belle Espoir, came ashore to visit the pubs in town.

Charlie says they weren’t breaking any laws but he had trouble keeping them quiet and stopping them from singing and creating a disturbance because of language difficulties.

The men, all in their 20s, couldn’t believe that they couldn’t carry on drinking and nowhere would serve them mid-week after 11pm. They were quite keen to spend their remaining UK pounds.

Charlie was also concerned that they were rowing back to their boat in Porthcressa Bay without lifejackets. The Belle Espoir, a training ship, had sailed from Islay in Scotland and went to St Agnes yesterday before departed for France later.