Community Consultation Proves Valuable

The Town Hall

The Council’s community consultation proved a valuable exercise in gathering feedback on Council services, according to Town Hall officials.

The plan is to pull together all of the information gathered into a snapshot of opinion that will be published in September.

This summer, islanders have been offered three surveys – a general feedback form for any Council service, a Health and Wellbeing Hub survey and a Children’s Services Consultation survey.

From residents responses there’s clearly a desire to improve recycling facilities everywhere and to improve waste facilities for Bryher and St. Martins.

Off-Islanders also wanted better home care provision for the elderly.

Some respondents felt there could be better co-ordination of services on St Mary’s with Off-Island boating so, for instance, Normandy swimming pool session times could be linked to boat times.

Surveys also indicated a need for a local produce shop and an abattoir.

And dog poo is an issue for islanders wherever they live.

Forty Children’s Services surveys were completed and 95% of respondents were ‘very happy’ with the services delivered, and 58% of youngsters felt that Children’s Services has made a significant impact on their lives

Feedback on the new Health and Wellbeing Hub is still being collated as responses are still being received on line, but the gym users want longer opening times, a reduction of the costs and new improved equipment and training programmes.

Off-Islanders would enjoy using to a Gym, but access was an issue.

Respondents are keen to see Lifelong Learning offering new courses and qualifications, including A-Levels, GCSE’s and web design, and for courses to run in the evenings, preferably in the winter.

And the current dance based exercise craze of Zumba should be offered here according to some respondents.

Islanders also want a greater range of ‘wellbeing’ services offered to the community.