Children’s Services Team Enter Busiest Time Of Year

Helen McGuinness at the Youth Hub

The end of the school year could be considered a quieter period for some education staff, but the Council’s Children’s Services team is set to enter their busiest period of the year.

The staff, based at the Carn Thomas offices, begin a programme of activities for under 16’s including activity trips to North Somerset, as well as the primary age group holiday club, which will include cooking and activities themed around space.

There’ll also be a chance to try Mai Tai Kick boxing, with world champion Julie Kitchen.

From Radio Scilly

Helen McGuiness tells us about the Children’s Services summer programme

Helen McGuinness is a member of the Carn Thomas team. She says they are pleased that this summer’s funding has remained despite Government cutbacks elsewhere.

Helen says they always ask youngsters what they want and need so the activities are relevant and popoular.

Some older residents have argued that they didn’t have activities arranged when they were younger and these projects aren’t needed but Helen says the kids enjoy the sessions and they can prove beneficial for some of our youngsters, especially for children from the Off-Islands who can meet up with kids their own age.