New Reception Building for Normandy Pool

Councillors heard on Thursday that there’s going to be a new reception building at the Normandy Pool.

The current one is a wooden, temporary structure and a permanent building would offer a more professional and welcoming experience.

Amy Hiron, who looks after sports and leisure facilities, told Councillors that 18 months ago, when the Council was building the facility, they couldn’t afford a proper reception building. A new building could provide an area for hanging coats and taking off shoes and wet weather gear. And a place to have a drink after a swim would be welcome.

Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, has found £50,000 that has been sitting in Council accounts, which can be used for the building immediately.

Councillor Richard McCarthy was given an assurance by Penny that the cash, which had been ring fenced for housing, wasn’t been diverted away from any home repairs.

Penny said the money had been on the balance sheet for some time, over 2 years, and it was appropriate to use it.