Concern at Amount of Unused Leave Days at Council

Council Chamber at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

There are concerns that some Council staff haven’t been able to take their annual leave entitlements because of work load and they have been rolling over their unused holidays year after year.

It’s got to the stage that if the Council had to pay for all of the leave days that haven’t been used, it would cost £132,000.

The figure, which made Councillor Richard McCarthy ‘worried and nervous’ has been calculated after the Town Hall changed the way in which staff record holiday information so there’s more detail in their records now. Employees are owed for 5842 hours above their contracted working week hours.

Richard expressed surprised that so much leave had been accrued and told the chamber that, when he worked at the Council, there was a 5 day rollover limit. He said he had hoped that the policy of limiting the number of leave days that could be passed onto the next year was being followed. If it wasn’t, leave time could accrue and that could mean a big payout if someone decided to leave.

Peter Lawrence agreed that the number of days accrued should be kept to a minimum but said sometimes it can’t be helped.

Chief Executive Philip Hyggate says they have to cancel leave if there are emergencies that need dealing with such as shipwrecks or problems with the infrastructure, like water supply.

ScillyToday has confirmed that are no additional financial benefits to the staff of stockpiling leave that they haven’t been able to take. If paid for it would be at the employee’s day rate at the time it should have been taken and they’d pay tax on it at their regular rate. However, if taken in days, it could significantly shorten the notice period of staff that are leaving.