Lifeboat Crew From Irish Republic Visit Scilly

The St Mary’s lifeboat team has hosted a visiting crew from the Irish Republic.

Four men and one woman came over to the islands on their boat ‘Bryan and Gordon’ from Ballyglass, which is in County Mayo in the west.

They were on the way to Brixham where they spent last night and they’ll be travelling to the Isle of Wight today where their Severn-Class boat will undergo a refit until December.

The visitors stayed at the Star Castle and were met by Lifeboat boss Chris Thomas, former Deputy Launch Authority Colin Ridsdale, mechanic Phil Woodcock and coxswain Stuart Hitchings.


One Response to Lifeboat Crew From Irish Republic Visit Scilly

  1. Niall July 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Cheaper than getting the helicopter.