George and Dragon Take Centre Stage at Belated St Agnes May Day

The sun was shining on Thursday afternoon as proud parents and visitors sat on School Hill against the backdrop of the lighthouse for the belated May Day event.

The 8 pupils of St Agnes School danced a medley of traditional folk dances from The Cotswolds, Cumberland and Lyme Regis.

Xanthe was crowned May Queen by her fellow pupils and sat on a special chair the pupils made themselves.

The dances went on without a major hitch – there was just one ribbon that broke free – and then the pupils tied up the maypole with a plait dance

Next, the pupils re-enacted the legend of King George and the Dragon.

Lou Simmonds told us the play has been performed on the island for years and all the pupils know the lines off-by-heart

She says money raised at the event this year will go to the Shelterbox appeal. And they’ve come with an innovative way of raising money.

The school has sent a Shelterbox T-shirt around the world, passed between family and friends. Visitors to St Agnes quay waiting room are invited to guess how many miles it will travel by the end of the year and the winner gets £100.

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