Council Gives Vet Support Group £1000 Towards Lead-Lining

The Council is going to give £1000 to the Vet Support Group towards the cost of lead-lined walls, ceilings and a door for the veterinary surgery X-ray room.

This is required according to building regulations.

They also want to lay safety flooring to the general surgery, operating theatre and X-ray area.

The lead lining will cost £8000 and the flooring just under £3000, and is an additional expense to the original project grants.

A number of pet owning councillors and officers considered leaving the meeting because of their vested interest in the surgery.

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner said he would have to leave the meeting because he had a tortoise.

Members were happy to grant the cash request and Marian Bennett said the group have achieved a great amount.

Amanda Martin said that the group should be commended for all they do and are a model in the community to be applauded.

The Council Adult Social Care manager, Johnny Roberts, wrote to support the application stressing how pets offer a positive benefit to mental health and for older people.