Scilly Closer to 5p Fuel Duty Reduction

Petrol pumps at Nike Engineering

A 5p a litre reduction in the price you pay for fuel at either Nike Engineering or Sibley’s has moved a step closer.

Council staff are going to London next week to talk through plans with the Treasury.

It’s been a long legal process since the Chancellor George Osborne rang Radio Scilly to announce his proposal in March.

Our isolation and the cost of getting fuel here has encouraged the concession and Councillors heard on Tuesday that retailers will make a claim for the duty reduction from HM Revenue and Customers.

Diana Mompoloki told Transport Committee members that it could mean extra work for suppliers.

Ian Sibley felt it would bring extra paperwork for his company but they would want to honour the reduction to benefit islanders.

But the plan still has to clear the bureaucratic channels in Europe.