Atlantic Hotel Looking To Fill ‘Best Job On The Islands’

John McKitterick from the Atlantic Hotel

It’s been billed as the best job on the islands – a chance to wander around the beaches and coast paths all day, visit tea rooms and talk about how wonderful our islands are.

And one islander is going to be paid for this.

John McKitterick, manager of the Atlantic Hotel, who made the appeal for a new full-time tour guide on Radio Scilly yesterday, says that there’s already been interest after just a few hours.

The successful applicant will be working from February to November showing visitors the best that Scilly has to offer.

John says the successful applicant will need to organise the trips, including boats and booking the cafes for lunches.

He says they’ll also need to know something about the history of the islands as well as some background about it’s flora and fauna.

And John says that any of the current tour guides will admit that it can be a tough job. You need to know your stuff and there are lot’s of very knowledgeable visitors who will ask questions and pick you up on anything they feel isn’t correct.

Finally, you’ll need to be able to converse with people an all levels and have a sense of fun to make the walks enjoyable for all involved.

John’s hotel deals with many larger tour operators with the average guest being between 50 and 70 years old and keen on ‘outdoor’ holidays.