St Mary’s Quay Development Plans To Be Scaled Back

St Mary's Quay

Plans to redevelop St Mary’s Quay will be scaled back to a smaller scheme, similar to the off-islands quays.

Council Chief Executive Philip Hygate told Councillors yesterday afternoon that there is a need to reduce the cost, as required by the Government, but that the quay would still be lengthened and widened.

It would ‘make a difference’ for the better but it ‘wouldn’t meet all expectations’ and the Council may have to revisit some issues in the future, when the situation he allowed, he told Councillors.

Diana Mompoloki from the economic development team said most of the work would be around the end of the quay with an extension outwards and a new shed for the freight operation.

There wouldn’t be the separation of freight and passengers movements around the Mermaid end because of the need to make savings.


Duchy Says Plans Compliant with Health and Safety


Philip said that the Duchy of Cornwall, as the quay owners, and the body responsible for health and safety felt that this reduced plan would be compliant.

There would be a vehicle turning circle and taxi drop off point, as under the Route Partnership plan, half way along the quay at the widest point.

Council Vice Chairman Marian Bennett said it was a case of “trying to retrieve what we can from the sorry state of the endeavour of eight years of the route partnership.”

Project building costs were discussed in private session because of the commercial sensitivity of the matter and members didn’t want tendering builders knowing how much was available, but we understand the budget will be between £8m and £10m with the hope that half of that can come from the Department for Transport and half from European Convergence funding.

Current ministerial thinking is that Scilly shouldn’t have any more money for our end of the sea-link than Penzance but some Councillors felt that’s not a level playing field as the cost of building here is more expensive.

Philip Hygate told the meeting that if the new school had been built on the mainland it would have cost 30% less. It will require £3m just to bring the materials over and get the builders here, what the Council calls ‘mobilisation costs’.

Chairman Mike Hicks will respond to Norman Baker’s letter, which warned that we’ll have to wait for the Penzance plan to be finalised before St Mary’s can access funds, within the next 48 hours. Penzance is unlikely to finalise their plans until the end of the year.

The meeting heard that our quay is a lifeline but Cornwall has other ports and there’s concern that the amateur approach of the Penzance project could mean they won’t deliver and that could scupper plans here.


Philip Hygate “To Be Convinced” on Penzance Quay Plans


Marian Bennett said she wanted to “scream ‘Why?’” at the Minister, adding that Penzance is the biggest hurdle to our project and Philip stated he was “yet to be convinced” of their scheme but he “wished them well.”

Councillor Richard McCarthy was concerned that by submitting plans for outline details of our quay this month, we could be hanging ourselves out to dry.

What happens next depends on whether the DfT can offer development funding. That’s cash for the cost of advancing the new plans, securing permissions and starting the tendering processes.

Philip Hygate told members that if a meaningful figure can’t be secured then “we simply don’t have a project.”


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