New Holiday Chalet For St Agnes Approved

A new holiday chalet can be built on Troytown Farm on St Agnes. Councillors approved the replacement for the current building, which was approved in 1971.

It’ll have a 26% larger floor space and be 2.3 metres taller at the highest point but in recommending approval, Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden thought that the site was well screened.

There’ll be some stonework on the front.

St Agnes Councillor Mollie Peacock added that there have been renovations at Troytown which are all for the better.

Councillor Richard McCarthy says the plans represent a visual and visitor improvement.

Some Councillors were impressed by the applicants’ sustainability measures which include low energy LED lights, solar cells to create energy from daylight and rainwater harvesting.

The existing chalet will be broken down and used as firewood.

The new chalet can only be used for short-term holiday lets, as part of the farm business and it can’t be sold off separately.