Health Watchdog To Receive Another Year Of Funding

The Link offices in Hugh Town

The Health and Social Care scrutiny group, The Link, will be funded for another, final year.

The Council has agreed to pay £35,000, around £18,000 less than in 2010, for the health watchdog.

Next March, the Government intends to bring in a new organisation, Healthwatch, which will continue the Link’s work with some extra duties.

They’ll be able to represent individual and help patients get choice in health services.

There had been some concern about the status of the organisation that runs the Link service regionally, Scout Enterprises. They entered voluntary liquidation recently but that was resolved on March 18th and the Link volunteers and committee are said to be content with the company’s involvement

In a letter to Councillors, Philip Hygate says that The Link administrator, Carol Clark, is widely thought to be doing a good job.

Staffing hours have been increased from 25 to 30 hours a week to support the transition to the new health body.