Approval For New Wine Tasting Area At Holy Vale

Vineyard at Holy Vale

The Theatre Club store at Holy Vale is going to become a wine tasting area and shop for the vineyard next door.

Councillors approved the new use for the stone barn last night.

Brian Lowen said the Theatre Club has been offered alternative storage.

The boarded-up windows in the building will be opened but one neighbour wrote to ask that they wouldn’t put clear glass in the one facing their home. They were worried about privacy.

Rooflights would be added to bring in some natural light.

There was also a concern raised about the likelihood or more cars parking outside.

Councillor Christine Savill said that this is diversifying the economy and should be welcomed.


One Response to Approval For New Wine Tasting Area At Holy Vale

  1. Jeremy smith July 21, 2011 at 12:59 am

    I am a regular visitor to the Isles of Scilly and have a couple of friends who live in Holy Vale. Upon speaking to them I am more than surprised that the residents of the area were not made aware of this prior to its approval. Is this the normal way a local council works? I’m sure if I were a resident I would be mightily annoyed that the very small road that I use to enter and leave my home could be blocked by vehicles on a regular basis. Surely the local residents of Holy Vale have the right to be made aware of this development directly before it is given the green light!