Wildlife Trust Cleans Up After Another Beach Party

Bar Point

Somebody has had a barbecue and bonfire and left broken glass and burnt wood on Bar Point Beach.

The party, at the far end of the sand overlooking the Eastern Isles, is thought to have happened sometime last Thursday night and has only just been reported as the Islander who discovered the mess had hoped that it would be cleaned up the next morning.

Earlier this month there was a mixed reaction to police comments about breaking up beach parties or offering on the spot fines for people who were failing to clean up after themselves.

This latest party was held on Wildlife Trust land and Warden, David Mawer, says it’s annoying that they’ve had to arrange a group to go and clean up the beach.

He says he doesn’t mind if responsible people have get-togethers on Trust beaches but bigger groups should contact them beforehand so they know who is in charge should there be a problem afterwards.