St Agnes Youngsters Get Surprise As Lynx Helicopter Visits

A Lynx helicopter, similar to the one that landed in St Agnes yesterday

All eight children at the St Agnes school base were given a surprise lunchtime treat yesterday with an on-board tour of a military helicopter.

The Lynx Mk 7 landed on the cricket pitch at Periglis Meadow shortly after 1.00pm, having flown down from Middle Wallop in Hampshire.

It was due to drop off its Camp Commandant, Murray Whiteside, at the Garrison to join an army diving party.

But first it called in at St Agnes at the request of fellow army Colonel, Fraser Bunn who is currently holidaying on Scilly with his family, at his in-laws’ cottage.

The chopper stayed on the meadow for a half hour, giving plenty of time for the islands’ excited youngsters to try out the pilot’s seat and headgear for themselves.

It went on to the Garrison and then flew to St Mary’s airport

There are 10 personnel from the Army Air Corp, the same regiment as Prince Harry, here for the week on diving exercises.

Yesterday they went down to the wreck of the Cita.