Theatre Club Play Cancelled As Leading Man Unwell

The show won’t go on for the St Mary’s Theatre Club this Wednesday night as the man with the lead role in their production of Noel Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’ has been signed off from work with a bad back.

Director Maggie Perkovic says that Neil Middleton is on stage for so long there is no way that they can expect him to perform.

So the play is cancelled and will be replaced by The Entertainers.

Recently, when another cast member in a smaller role went sick, they were able to use an understudy but Maggie says there isn’t an understudy for a large part like Neil’s.

Neil, who plays Gary Essendine, has the biggest role and Maggie says the show simply can’t go on without him.

She says it’s a shame that the performance has been cancelled as, this season, they’ve been pulling in almost full capacity houses and income has been good, but it costs £160 per performance just for the play royalties she added.

The Theatre Club raises money for charity although they haven’t decided which charity to support this year.

But Maggie is hopeful that the play should return for the 3rd and 4th August.


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