Cricket – St Martin’s v. Bath Rams

Report by Colin Daly

There is a slot in the scorebook for weather and I put “fine” in, but up to a short period before it was wet and windy. As forecast, the rain ceased in time and the sun came out, although the wind meant that we had to dispense with bails.

The Rams from Bath started their tour on St. Martin’s on Saturday 16th July at 4pm with a match of 20 overs as there was doubt about how long the weather widow would last.

They won the toss and put the home team in to bat first.

Hinds anchored one end while Goddard struck out at the other but was soon caught. Kerrigan came in and scored a sparkling 54 before also being caught.

32 each from Hinds and Spencer boosted the total – 147 for 3 being the respectable final score.

The Rams started steadily and were down on the run rate until Everret came in at number three. He hit the ball hard and the Rams score was soon racing along. However he was bowled out on 54 by a full toss delivered by Woodhead.

Pete and James got into the thirties but The Rams finished 5 runs short when their 20 overs ran out.

The weather was still fine although dark clouds had scudded across the island.

We repaired to Lower Town and the analysis of the match and life in general was conducted over a fine supper at the Seven Stones.