St Mary’s Quay Upgrade Must Wait For Penzance

St Mary's Quay

The Chairman of the Council, Mike Hicks has been told by the Transport Minister that no government cash will be offered for improving St Mary’s Quay until the Penzance Harbour project finalises their plans.

Mike Hicks says it’s a blow as our quay project plan is more advanced and is almost ready for funding. Penzance is way behind.

In his letter, Norman Baker says the scheme proposed by the Route Partnership went beyond what was needed to maintain services. That wasn’t, he stated, meant to imply that the only scheme must be basic but cost savings are imperative.

He also recognised that the Steamship Company wants to source and operate replacement passenger and freight vessels without public subsidy. And the Minister believes there must be second hand ships available somewhere in the world that would make a suitable replacement for the Scillonian III and Gry Maritha.

If the private sector couldn’t provide services that meet appropriate standards, then the government would step in and assist islanders but Mr Baker doesn’t think that’s going to be the case in the near future.

From Radio Scilly

Mike Hicks responds to Norman Baker’s letter

Mike says he couldn’t believe what he was reading when the Minister wrote to say that he wants Penzance and St Mary’s to be ready for funding at the same time. He added that the team working on the St Mary’s Quay project have done everything they’d been advised, including trimming the plan down to a workable cost.

Mike says they were counting on European money, which is still available, but he’s afraid that, with the pot of money from the EU shrinking, and the possibility it could take months for Penzance to get their act together, essentially the project could be ‘dead in the water.’