Scilly MP Welcomes Reprieve For Falmouth Coastguard

Andrew George has welcomed the statement by the Secretary of State on the future of the Coastguard service.

The proposal to cut the hours of the Falmouth Rescue Coordination Centre, which would have covered Scilly in daylight hours only, has been dropped and Falmouth will continue to operate on a 24-hour basis as present.

Brixham is closing though, and its work will be taken on by Falmouth.

There’s no word yet on whether staff will need to reapply for their current jobs but four positions will go.

Mr George says “Falmouth provides a vital rescue coordination service to the Western Approaches and is internationally renowned for its skill in handling maritime rescue and other incidents worldwide.”

But its thought international work will now be operated from an enhanced Solent centre.

The Falmouth coastguard coordinated the rescue of the Scilly boys who got into trouble during their transatlantic row.