Newbie Runner Gaz O’Neil To Take On Bigger Challenge

Gaz O'Neil

A fortnight ago, he’d never run a race in his life, but after his success in the 10K run at Hyde Park, Gaz O’Neil says he wants to take on a bigger charity challenge.

Gaz raised £1200 for the Cornish Shelterbox appeal to help their disaster relief in areas hit by natural disasters.

Now Gaz wants to run a half marathon on October 9th around the Royal Parks in London for Bowel Cancer Research. He says he’s switching charities because he’s entering quite late, and there are no individual entries available, so he needs to enter as a runner for one of the designated charities with allocated places.

And this time he says he’s looking for a business or group to donate £400 to the cause so he can enrol and raise more cash.

Gaz says he’s not becoming run-obsessed, but then added he “could be in denial.”