Health Watchdog Says Staff Are “Bursting With Ideas”

Carol Clarke from LINK

Health service staff on St Mary’s are bursting with ideas that could improve the patient experience on the islands.

That’s a view of Carol Clark from Scilly’s health watchdog, Link.

Carol attended the engagement exercises last week, where a Primary Care Trust official came over to gauge opinion on how to run services more efficiently in the future.

Carol says the staff have been motivated by the prospect that they could lead change and have offered ideas, many of which could be new to the NHS.

From Radio Scilly

Hear the update from Carol Clarke talking on Radio Scilly

She says staff have recognised that they need to provide better information to the community, through notice boards or a website, about the services that are available as many people don’t know about these.

Carol also said some staff have hidden skills and expertise, learnt in previous positions, and they need to find out what these are and provide further training to develop these strengths.

The issue of accommodation on the islands and key worker status also came up, and Carol says there’s a feeling that medical staff need to be better places to live.