Chief Constable Apologises For St Martin’s Incident Response Time

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall has written to Scilly’s MP and has admitted that the three hour response time to a 999 call on St Martin’s was unsatisfactory.

Stephen Otter has responded after the Seven Stones Inn landlord, Toby Tobin Dougan, made a formal complaint.

The Chief Constable says a full investigation has taken place and, as we’ve previously reported, the delay was down to a lack of communication between the West Country Ambulance Service and the Police Control Room.

The police are meant to be able to use the ambulance boat, the Star of Life in an emergency.

Mr Otter says they have revisited their procedures to prevent a reoccurrence.

Andrew George says the Chief Constable’s response is very revealing and confirms to him his concerns and suspicions about the inadequacy of remote call handling where the operator does not know about local circumstances.