Air Southwest To Cease Operations

There has been a mixed reaction from accommodation providers over the news that Air Southwest are ceasing their operations, including flights from Newquay, in September.

The company hasn’t been able to make a go of their routes.

It’s another blow for the Cornwall Council-owned airport following the pull out by Ryanair in January.

AirSouthwest had originally been promoted with the Steamship Company as a means of travelling from upcountry through Newquay to the islands.

Two months ago, Radio Scilly highlighted customer care problems after the company changed its schedule at short notice, meaning visitors had to leave a day early due to connecting flights from St Mary’s to Newquay.

Daniel Lawson of the Bell Rock Hotel says some guests also faced difficulties when they changed Manchester arrangements and visitors had to cross the Pennines and fly down from Leeds-Bradford. Daniel says many other flights didn’t dovetail well with SkyBus.

Joan Shiles of St Mary’s Hall Hotel says the loss of the link is a real shame as it opened Scilly up and they’ve had visitors who used connecting services from Ireland.