Miracle Theatre Company In Scilly For 18th Year

Islanders will get to enjoy professional theatre later this month as the Miracle Theatre Company is returning for the 18th year.

After last year’s Shakespeare production, a new play written by the director Bill Scott entitled “The Death of Sherlock Holmes” is promising to get islands’ audiences laughing.

It’s being billed as a mind boggling “who-done-what” comedy.

Communications manager is Emma Gibson told us they wanted to do something a bit different this year and, although it’s a period piece, it’s still very ‘current’.

The Cornwall-based company of six people do everything, from packing and driving the van, setting up the stage and doing their own make up. Emma said it’s a very slick operation that needs “as much choreography as the performance itself.”

From Radio Scilly

Emma Gibson from the Miracle Theatre Company tells us about their latest production

And she says they’re used to dealing with Britain’s unpredictable weather. The company are performing 45 dates this year, at gardens and castles and even on a cliff-top, and only 2 of these are indoor.

Emma says that although weather can affect their performance – two performer’s skirts blew off at a recent performance at the Minack Theatre – the show still goes on.

She added that the dates in Scilly are very special for the company who  ‘absolutely love’ performing here and see it as a highlight of the tour, although she admits getting everything over here can be a ‘real adventure’

The play is on in the Abbey Gardens on Tresco on Thursday the 28th at 7.30pm followed by a three-day run of performances in the Chaplaincy gardens on St Mary’s beginning on Friday the 29th at 8.00pm.

The Tourist Information Centre and the Abbey Garden shop have tickets on sale.