St Mary’s Hall Hotel To Host First Wedding

This weekend, the latest islands’ venue to register for wedding services holds its first marriage.

St Mary’s Hall Hotel joins the islands’ other registered venues, Juliet’s Garden, Star Castle Hotel, St Martin’s Hotel and the Old Wesleyan Chapel, as well as the Porthcressa Registry Office.

Sarah Handy the Superintendent Registrar says this is a growth area with 70 marriages set to take place outside the church or chapel this year alone and there are plenty of bookings already for 2012.

Sarah says her team of six, who are licensed to perform the services, work hard to make the day special adding this is a boost for tourism, with many couples bringing friends and family.

Joan Shiles, General Manager at St Mary’s Hotel, says their first wedding will be for a couple from Hitchen who haven’t visited the islands before.

Joan Shiles, Manager of St Mary's Hall Hotel

Joan says about 30 people are coming, which means a lot of moving furniture around in the hotel to organise the space and she says their first wedding is a bit unusual – the bride will be wearing a pink miniskirt and the cake will have two Lego figures on motorbikes on the top.

One small concern, says Joan, is that the groom is in the forces and still abroad so will be arriving at the last minute.

From Radio Scilly

Joan Shiles talks about St Mary’s Hall Hotel’s first wedding

Joan says getting married in Scilly is less about a wedding ‘day’ and more about a wedding ‘weekend’.

She says she’s organising all sorts of events for the party including a sea safari and picnic the day before the wedding, as well as organising hair and make up on the day and Joan thinks this is a great way for businesses on the islands to work together.