Abbey Gardens Adds New Valhalla Attraction For Younger Visitors

36 youngsters from Tresco, Bryher, St Agnes and St Martins have been road testing the new Tresco Valhalla Project at the Abbey Gardens.

The Local Action Group provided £15,000 funding to support the project, which has been designed to increase interest in the gardens among younger age groups with a shipwreck-themed treasure trail.

Barry Gamble told us the trail starts and finishes at the ‘island’ of Valhalla where children are marooned and must go on a circuit of the garden looking for plants that will help them leave the island. They’re given a compass to navigate and must find clues, in the form of letters on small plaques, near each plant that will help them leave the island.

From Radio Scilly

Hear Barry and Steve talking about the new project in the Abbey Gardens

He added that the trail is designed to help the kids interact with the gardens and most activity is stimulated through leaflets, so they are not adding physical structure, which would detract from its beauty.

Yesterday the kids were also learning about ships’ figureheads with Steve Conway who was helping them to design and make their own versions from chicken wire and plaster bandage.

Some of the youngster's own work at Valhalla yesterday

Steve says the youngsters enjoyed the creative process and it really helps them to study and learn about the figureheads, although he said you need to keep them focussed or “you could end up with Spiderman and Smurf figureheads!”

Steve says the kids have been finding out about history and also gaining knowledge that could help then in the future

The kids’ work will be on display over the next few weeks at Valhalla