Government Fishing Quotas Could Raise Prices

Additional regulation to limit the amount of lobster or crab that islands’ fisherman can catch and which could potentially hike the price of seafood is being put forward by the government.

Our MP, Andrew George, has pledged to seek changes in these new proposed restrictions, which will affect boats under 10m in length and could mean less shellfish landing.

He says fishermen here deserve more support.

This is just the latest restriction on fishermen that has been proposed.

Recently we reported that there could be quotas for catching white fish based on the current level of catch. This could present a problem in Scilly as nobody is commercially catching that sort of fish, so there isn’t a quota being recorded.

From Radio Scilly

Steve Watt Talks About The Proposed Quotas

The Council’s Maritime Office, Steve Watt, says the government has proposed a national pot limitation scheme. He says there are currently no quotas for shellfish and fishermen can catch as much as they like, but Steve says this has not adversely affected stocks around Scilly and Cornwall.

Steve says the Fishermen’s Association in Scilly has already agreed a voluntary scheme to limit pot numbers, adding that that our small inshore fisheries fleet, around 30 vessels, only fishes for 49% of the year anyway.

Steve also says the quotas would only apply to English vessels – Scottish, Welsh and even Irish vessels could fish our waters with no limitation.


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