Council Delays Dog Fouling Measures

A dog poo bin at Porthcressa beach

The problem caused by irresponsible dog owners not clearing up after their pets appears to be getting worse, according to feed back from islanders and visitors.

But the Council’s plans to introduce on-the-spot tickets for people who don’t clear up after their pets have been put on pause.

Andy Thomas from he Community Safety Department says the government priorities on community safety have changed and they are talking about bringing in new legislation to deal with dog dirt and dangerous animals.

The Town Hall began discussing training wardens in partnership with the wildlife trust and Duchy of Cornwall the winter before last, but Andy says they don’t want to implement expensive local legislation just to find its all going to change again because the government policy has shifted.

It’s still an offence not to clean up after your animal and Andy says the Town Hall can write to, and potentially prosecute, anyone who is a habitual offender. But getting witnesses prepared to talk about what they have seen if the case gets to court can be difficult.

Penalty tickets would be much more straightforward. He says that in some cases just writing to the offenders has delivered the desired results.

Dog warden Maggie Perkovic has tried a number of approaches including placing flags in the mess to highlight what happens but with little impact.

Andy says whatever happens, it may be slow to introduce new regulation on the islands as the funding of the Community Safety Department has been reduced and he’s down to one day a week now.

From our Facebook pages, it’s clear that visitors and residents don’t like it.

Mike Crawley who’s been holidaying here for over 20 years feels it’s a problem that is getting worse.

Melissa Gibson says the coastal path and walking routes seem to be worse than the town.

Old Town residents Gemma Simpson and Tamzine MacDonald feel there should be more bins but Natalie Ward says you just need a waterproof bag and people should take responsibility and stop making excuses.