Telegraph Tower To Open To Visitors

Telegraph Tower

Islands’ tour group leaders are being offered a new attraction to include in their guided walks.

Peter Laverock, who has just moved into the Telegraph Tower, is setting up a ground floor exhibition of artefacts relating to the building.

Although the tower is also his home, Peter says he realises that it is a significant building of public interest and he’s prepared to make the property available to those who want to book to view the islands from the lookout at the top.

Now, Peter is on the hunt for any historical documents and photographs about the structure. It went up in 1814 as a naval semaphore station, part of the chain across the southwest which were intended to relay messages to ships fighting the French in the Napoleonic War.

The tower was later used by Marconi in radio experiments using primitive spark-based transmissions. And telegraphy work continued until the mid ’30s following which, the building also acted as a communications radio station in the Second World War.

Peter says he feels up to 6 people could be easily accommodated on a visit and guides should contact him.


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