Elder Care Housing Project Gets Low Rating From Funding Agency

School site at Carn Thomas, earmarked for elder care housing scheme

The Homes and Communities Agency that could fund our elder care housing and a replacement for Park House, views our Council’s plans for the Carn Thomas site project as low on their list of fundable schemes.

That’s because with just 20 units proposed and the high cost of building here, on paper its just not good value for money.

Now, the Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, says the Town Hall will need to secure a mixture of funding, including private sector partners, to develop the scheme.

Penny Penn Howard

The Agency could come back with more positive new but the Town Hall won’t know for a month what their decision will be and Penny says the project is being stepped up a gear with the advisory group elevated to Project Board status. The Council have secured a £30,000 grant to help fund the cost of developing a business plan.

The Rev Charlie Gibbs recently suggested that the Methodist church and the Manse could be sold to release cash for a Methodist charity-funded scheme (see here). Following Charlie’s proposal, discussions have begun with the charity, Methodist Homes, and the project team is planning to visit one of their facilities at Saltash.