Trust Taking Requests For Funding Again

Smudge Smith

A fund that helps retired islanders-in-need is receiving requests for assistance again.

The Richard Addison Trust stopped its benevolent work a couple of years ago after the downturn in the economy almost wiped out its investments, which generate the cash for the grant scheme.

One of the trustees, Smudge Smith, says the fund almost collapsed through abuse of a token scheme that was used to pay the cost of taxis for those eligible recipients who couldn’t get around. The token scheme cost much more than the fund was gaining from the investments.

Smudge says it took almost 18 months to sort the funding problems out, but now with the Buzzer Bus offering transport for the less able, and a small but steady income being built up again, they can diversify into other areas of assistance.

Smudge says anyone who would like to make a request for funding, particularly for equipment needed to improve their quality of life, should contact himself or Social Services.