Old Scilly Bin Lorry Makes National Newspaper

A former Isles of Scilly bin lorry has made the national press.

The Daily Mail has featured an article on Steve Jones from the Isle of Wight, who collects old dustcarts. The article includes a picture of Steve in the cab of a dustcart with our Council’s name written on the side.

The Council’s Head of Technical Services, Neville Gardner, says he’s had the vehicle since 2002.

Neville told us that Steve appeared on a TV programme called the “Salvage Squad” which was hosted by Suggs, the front man from the band Madness. In fact, the programme featured Steve with two of the Council’s old Shelvoke and Drewry vehicles – Steve drove one machine away and had one shipped away in pieces, with the intention to make one reasonable machine out of two.

Neville says that in the script of the programme they claimed that they ‘found’ the donor vehicle at a scrap yard on the mainland.

The Council agreed to give the two obsolete vehicles to Steve as they had no economic value and it avoided the cost of freight and sending the still driveable machine to the mainland by landing craft.

The article in the Mail describes how the former binman travels around Britain and Europe to watch dustcarts in action, and help them for free.

But it’s nice to know that a bit of our islands’ history is still driving around the Isle of Wight.

You can see Daily Mail article here