Youngsters Ask For Porthcressa Playpark To Be ‘Finished Properly’

The new Council playpark at Porthcressa has proved so popular that youngster using the facility have eroded the grass surface.

So Council officials have had to remove the swings and hammock, the most popular pieces of equipment, to give it time to grow back.

Topsoil will be laid and a new fence erected over the next few days.

That’s not been done without a degree of consultation. Joel Williams says some of the youngsters who offered feedback at the recent “Big Brother’ session at the Youth Hub said they’d like to have the site finished off properly.

So now Joel is looking for donations of what he calls ‘child friendly’ plants for the area.

There were fears that the site could become a meeting place for underage drinkers or adults wanting to party after the pubs or disco close.

But Joel says he has been checking the area for bottles or cans and he hasn’t found any or received any complaints from the Police.