Scilly MP Says News Of The World Allegations Appalling

Scilly MP Andrew George has referred to the allegations over the News of The World phone tapping as appalling.

And despite the closure of the paper, he has written to the TV regulator Ofcom asking them to investigate whether News International and Rupert Murdoch are fit and proper operators.

Andrew George thinks that the Culture Secretary should hand over the decision about whether the company can take control of BskyB to the Competition Commission.

An islander who’s love life was exposed by the News of the World around 30 years ago says he bears no grudge over the invasion of his privacy.

Gordon Bilsborough’s extramarital romance with Jane Hurd was splashed across the newspapers as both were senior Councillors from adjacent Councils in Hertfordshire and the pair represented rival political parties.

However, Gordon said tapping the phones of people who are outside public life is totally unacceptable.