Recent Exhibitions Prove Popular At Gallery Tresco

New Grimsby Harbour, Tresco

There’s no sign of a downturn in the economy if sales at Gallery Tresco are anything to go by.

Anna Parkes says there’s been a good response to an exhibition of work created by artists who each stayed for a week on the island over the winter.

On Monday, artists Anthony Garratt, David Rust and Rosemary Trestini exhibited 30 pieces and 14 have already been sold.

Anna says she’s had great feedback over the exhibition, which includes watercolours acrylic and oils.

There’s a stable of artists whom she rotates over the seven exhibitions each year so the people here on time-shares don’t see the same artists’ work every visit.

Most artists are from the mainland and they sketch or photo seascapes or landscapes and finish the work at home.

They have also have work by Islands’ artists like Richard Pearce and Chris Potterton, and Anna says she’s very excited about their next exhibition on the 14th, by Imogen Bone, whom she says always creates quite a stir with her expressive and colourful work.