Police Call For White Lines At Driving Blackspots

The islands’ police have criticised the driving standards of local residents and called for white lines at safety blackspots.

PC Mark Blyth said that local drivers are not paying attention to dangerous junctions and blind bends and the police station have had a steady stream of complaints. He added that there are several enquiries ongoing regarding dangerous or inconsiderate driving and they’ve had some very close near misses.

From Radio Scilly

PC Mark Blyth Discusses Poor Driving on the Islands

Mark says the most frequently reported incidents occur from Sandy Banks heading out of town from Porthmellon Industrial Estate. He told us this is probably because there are no white lines in the road and people think they can overtake safely, even though traffic may be approaching around the blind bend.

He says the police are going to take the issue up with Neville Gardner, Head of Council Technical Services, to see whether an assessment can be carried out on the known blackspots and, if necessary, start the measures required to have central white lines added.

Mark says white lines have been shown to reduce driving speeds because people need to stay within their narrow lane. The only stretch of road with central lines currently is outside the Church, by St Mary’s Hall Hotel.

Mark added that people’s perception of St Mary’s is that there are few vehicles and road safety isn’t an issue but he says the number of reports they’re receiving indicates that the standards of driving here are lower than on the mainland.