Minister Delighted By Response To Bible Request

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Reverend Charlie Gibbs says he’s delighted with the response to a request put out on Radio Scilly and ScillyToday for historic family bibles to display in the Manse.

The exhibition, planned for the first week in August, will mark the 400th anniversary of the completion of the King James Bible.

Charlie says the response has been fantastic and he’s got about 20 bibles so far, some with fascinating histories. The oldest dates back to the 18th century and one has had an interesting journey, having originated in Scilly before it was found in the Midlands and brought back to the islands.

There’ll also be a modern talking bible belonging to a blind islands’ resident included in the exhibition.

Charlie says the intention is not just to display the books but also to have a little bit about the story of each bible and the people who have owned them. He says while the religious aspects are important it’s also about the social history of the islands and how important these books were to the people who lived here.

And in a special ceremony to mark the anniversary, the Council of the Isles of Scilly will be presented with what Charlie describes as an “absolutely beautiful” new version of the King James Edition, donated by a benefactor on the mainland.