Treasure Ship Hunting For Wrecks In Our Waters

Odyssey Explorer off our islands yesterday

A treasure hunting ship is continuing to sweep the waters around our islands searching for wrecks.

The Odyssey Explorer is working on their Atlas Project survey in all of the areas where boats lie in the Western approaches.

Up to the weekend, they’ll have been working for three weeks around 12 miles off the islands and were off Porthellick Downs on Sunday.

So far this project has covered 3000 miles and discovered 300 ships.

Local divers have mixed opinions on reports that they located the Merchant Royal, which was said to be carrying the biggest treasure load ever when it sank in 1641.

Richard Larn feels they may now know where she lies but Todd Stevens suggests that rumours about finding her were a story to cover another wreck find.

Richard told us they usually sweep for wrecks, then bring in a smaller boat as a dive operations base and their operations cost up to $30,000 a day.

CEO of the company, Gregg Stemm, who is based in Florida, told us the Odyssey Explorer reports the discovery and recovery of all artifacts from wreck sites to the Receiver of Wrecks, as required by UK law.

And even if they haven’t found the Merchant Royal, Richard says there are plenty of wrecks still to uncover, including a convoy of five Dutch vessels that were sunk in one day.


One Response to Treasure Ship Hunting For Wrecks In Our Waters

  1. Todd Stevens July 7, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    If this team had found the Merchant Royal then why have we not heard anything about it. Publishing is all part of their business and the Merchant Royal would be a massive find. I rather suspect that the story that they had already found it before is more to do with throwing other treasure hunters of the trail. They used a similar ruse before with the Black Swan incident. These guys are on the ball and I beleive are now, at this time, making a conceted effort to find this most valuable of shipwrecks. Good luck to them!!