Future Social Care Challenges Outlined to Councillors

Park House

The challenges that the Council faces in funding adult social care in the future have been outlined to councillors.

At last night’s community services meeting, members heard that the adult social care budget is £44,000 over target for third party care services, partly because they are paying for long-term Park House residents who can no longer pay for that care, as they’ve exhausted their savings.

Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, assured Tresco councillor, Mike Nelhams, that residents who’d spent every penny on their care wouldn’t be abandoned.

Penny says there’s a difference between long-term health care and social care. Health care is free at point of delivery and social care is not.

But she says there are more cases of long-term healthcare in the islands that need to be looked at and the Council may need to challenge the Primary Care Trust to contribute more in those cases.

Penny told members of the community Services committee that the department’s budget plans would aim to run Park House more like a business.