Scilly Gets More National TV Coverage Tonight

Scilly to feature on Channel 5's "The Removal Men"

The One Show coverage of a Sussex family’s visit to Scilly continues at 7pm tonight, but it hasn’t brought an increase in calls to the tourist information centre, so far.

It was relatively busy on the phones yesterday but by lunch time, nobody had mentioned the BBC1 broadcast specifically.

Sophie Hughes says it’s likely that any additional activity would be noticeable with a spike in website viewings but that usually happens at weekends following TV programmes.

Tonight, Scilly is on national television yet again.

A six part fly-on-the-wall series follows the work of removal giants, Pickfords.

The Removal Men was made by Tiger Aspect, who also produced the Island Parish series and their production team says the knowledge of colleagues Joby Newton and Charlie Bennett has been useful.

Tonight we’ll see the Crawfords move items that have been in storage for 4 years from Truro to Mount Flagon. Ron Crawford has no idea what will be shown as he hasn’t seen a preview copy of the broadcast, which airs nationally tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.

The segment shows property being packed up and placed on the Gry and the removal men catching the helicopter to meet it at our side of the water down at the Quay.

Ron says he won’t be staying in to watch it.